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Traffic processing company specializing in traffic management systems  and administrative control environment and have contracts with more than two thousand scientific and technical capacity is appropriate


Devices, the company has a high useful life and is useful for office environments, the following list of products offered

The attendance and attendance software and payroll

Door locks, hotel rooms and apartments with contactless card or fingerprint

Open the card and the finger and face recognition

Surveillance cameras

Dining card or finger or face recognition devices

For laboratory and classroom doors locked and the server room

Contactless cards and magnets made of PVC and the printer prints personal cards

Management and locking club gym

Parking Management

Agile Software



Products of Traffic Processing at a glance

Card and Fingerprint and Face recognition Attendance systems to calculate personnel salaries

time and attendance time and attendance time and attendance time and attendance time and attendance
TF-800 Attendance face recognition system Digital camera card devices TA370 Attendance TA300-finger devices Attendance Card TA140 Attendance card machine TA50 Attendance card machine
Access Control and a fingerprint card and contactless integrated application traffic management
time and attendance time and attendance PP-6750 time and attendance time and attendance
TU opener device relies on its 120 model Network device model TA125 opener Fingerprint Door Systems and Network card model TA230

The network card can opener

Model TA50

Access Control
Club management and automation
time and attendance

FC devices and software


Dining Hall Manager
time and attendance Machinery dining Organizations
Contactless cards
time and attendance Contactless smart cards
Apartment and hotel locks
Hotel Lock Locked room or hotel, a unique strength and beauty to the entrance to
The game system
Sports club The game machine and software for integrated management of the city's New? Games
Parking Management
Parking Parking and traffic control system software for car parking garage
CCTV CCTV to monitor events over the

Projects 91 years

  • حضور و غیاب
  • حضور غیاب
  • دستگاه حضور و غیاب

The quality of the new generation of machines for processing traffic in 91 years had a large impact on the entire country

The use of devices for integrated management


Other issues

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Apartment lock, hotel lock, lock chamber, lock the battery fit, server room

CCTV, surveillance camera, camera, room, night vision, camera card, USB self-reliant

Dining, restaurant systems, food selection, receipt printing, food, food management software