Cameras and recording devices are


Camera 2DVR System
Equipment for environmental monitoring systems

Equipment of this system include the following








: M1 system to monitor the environment, self-reliant model.


This device directly to a computer network to monitor and mouse and see images from other computers can be connected


: system components

Self-image recorder or 8-channel or 16 channels 4 channels

The number of cameras needed







: M2 monitoring system relies on computer models of the environment


In this model of an electronic board or card is used. The board installed in the computer and special software on the PC board is installed. The board has sockets for communication with the camera recording the image is required. The configuration capabilities and maneuverability than the complete system model is


: system components

Computer with sufficient speed

Image capture board, 4 channels or 8 channels or 16 channels

The number of cameras needed


: M3 system environments based on its model


This device directly to the computer mouse and network connection is available for viewing images on other computers. This system is very precise


: system components

Special monitoring of recording 4 channels or 8 channels or 16 channels dependent on their

The number of cameras needed



Projects 91 years

  • حضور و غیاب
  • حضور غیاب
  • دستگاه حضور و غیاب


At 91 years faster and more complete environmental monitoring system is available


: Applications to environmental monitoring system

These systems administrators to better manage and enhance the surveillance and personal safety for their helps. In homes, shops, stores, security companies and places where they can be very important. GameCity technological systems and regulatory requirements.



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