TA50 Access Control

This device is a device with a screen reader Vghyab the card at the front and 5 cm in the card so it detects the card, the contactless cards and contactless device called the attendance

This memory device is connected to the computer and the computer sends out information cards

This device is suitable for buyers because of its easy installation and the technical performance of this model is the same software for other devices

So in addition to traffic control personnel, as well Hzvrvghyab personnel records and staff salaries will be calculated


  • Image device
  • Technical

TA50 attendance machine contactless cards



Projects 91 years

  • حضور و غیاب
  • حضور غیاب
  • دستگاه حضور و غیاب


Single in 91 years and many projects have been implemented in the country and the level of attendance in the country, was promoted to quality systems


: Application system

The card reading device, the speed is above the Aladhay. The device is suitable for large or small office environments, and also in a series of special-purpose applications are also being used


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