TA140 Card Attendance System


This device quickly detects the card and the Persian message - thank you - to quote

It was easy to install on the wall, and while this device is installed in the country has no need of special support and provides peace of mind for executives




  •  It is one of the best devices available in Iran in the absence of a card that has the following features  are:

    •  Traffic record card or password

    • With Persian and English

    •  Persian messages to the user with information

    • Detection of ultra high speed card

    • Communication RS232 / TCP-IP

    • Trddhay recorded his visit on the device without a PC

    • Ability to connect multiple devices to a central computer

    • Card reading distance from 5 to 15 cm


: Social


Card Capacity


Memory capacity


Operating system

RS232/485, TCP / IP, USB-Host



Or flash drive connected to the Cole





5V DC 2A

Supply voltage

0 ℃ - 45 ℃

Working temperature

20% - 80%

Working Humidity

184.3 × 130 × 48 mm

Dimensions (W × H × D)





  • The front facade
  • Left view
  • Right view
  • Back view
  • Software
  • Reports

The front facade





Projects 89 years

  • حضور و غیاب
  • حضور غیاب
  • دستگاه حضور و غیاب


In 89 years, and many individual projects were implemented in the country and was promoted to quality systems in Attendance


: Application system

The device is suitable for large or small office environments, and also in a series of special-purpose applications are also being used



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