TA370 Time Attendance with color display and camera and fingerprint and card


TA370 Fingerprint Time Attendance with Card :


This machine has a larger screen than the TA300, and special features related to the timing of traffic control who can open when they are having.

It is easy to install, easy to support it and its performance was excellent and the device according to various facilities and its efficient, highly recommended for organizations and companies

So in addition to traffic control personnel, as well Hzvrvghyab personnel records and staff salaries will be calculated




 The world's latest technologies in the absence of uses, including

Fingerprint recognition and response to ultra-high speed, just for a tiny moment, put a finger on the sensor to be identified

In winter, it detects a finger

Capacity up to 8000 fingerprints fingers, each finger 10

Personnel, handling of the fingerprint capture card and when handling

9 cm in diameter with a color screen for photos with high quality personnel or organization logo

Record a record 200,000 vehicles, the need to erase the memory device is not

Alarm capabilities in a specific time (eg lunch time) and set the alarm bells and play your favorite songs

Apparently, the message is broadcast  in Farsi to speed up the fingers of personnel records

Enter the name of your key personnel with the

Fingerprint sensor placed on display on the screen

RS232, TCP / IP, USB connection

 Discharge port for direct connection to Cole Drive Information

Ability to change the background image

Ability to display   images and pictures of staff and personnel when handling the finger

A card reader to define for some staff

With  UPS   for power outage times

Scratch-resistant optical sensor

A new algorithm for fast registration of fingerprints

Feature in the opener  of the door lock electrical connection

Capable  web server   (reports and evacuation information via the  web )

When possible, take pictures of employees recorded finger touching the screen when finger

    The facades had to be careful of different directions to discover its beauty, facilities and  


  • The front facade
  • Left view
  • Right view
  • Back view
  • Software
  • Reports

The front facade

time and attendance


Network control software under Windows Time Attendance from any location and time provides

We have what you need to Attendance simplest form of a system in place provides

The advantage of this  software is its flexibility and ability to define any kind of formula for calculating the personnel rights  reserved.


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